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Portable Energy Efficient Electric Heater



When the cold weather is around the corner all you wish is to take the chill out of your space. So, how about we introduce you to a portable handy heater that is wholly assembled? We bring you a Portable Energy Efficient Electric Heater- the small plug in-wall heater that operates on very low wattage!

This Handy Electric Heater is an ideal solution for heating up the immediate areas of a small intimate space. What’s more! It only applies minimal dent on your wallet and saves on your energy bills every month!

There is a two-speed fan that helps to project its heat into your personal space. You will be happy to know that its injection-molded plastic housing remains cool to the touch always! 

You can carry this personal Electric Heater in your bag, case, toolkit, and always have your own personal heat on the go.

This heater makes an ideal solution to supplement an existing home heating system.

How to use the Electric Heater?

Just find a standard plug socket or power outlet and plug it in. Set the desired temperature of your choice and keep chills at bay, anywhere!

However, remember to not connect this electric heater to any extension cords, timers, surge protectors, direct breakers, or an outlet where other appliances connected too! Plug it into a three-pronged outlet which has a circuit of its own.

Portable Energy Efficient Electric Heater Features 

  • You can operate it in an office setup without overloading the power outlet.
  • The timer function lets you pre-set the amount of time you want it to heat for. It will turn off automatically after that timer.
  • It takes up very little space and supplies sufficient comforting warmth instantly.
  • This Handy Heater is the perfect little heater as it plugs right into any grounded electrical outlet.
  • It is quite enough to not be disturbing.


  • Dimensions: 8 x 5.8 x 4.6 inch
  • Power Source: 24OV
  • Color: Black

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