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Trendy Waterproof Shoe Cover



Want to protect your shoes from getting dirty in rains? 
The Trendy Waterproof Shoe Cover is here to keep them looking fresh for you throughout the year!

5 reasons to buy the  Trendy Waterproof Shoe Cover Right now..

1) This silicone shoe cover is carefully designed with a water-resistant silicone material that protects your shoes from rain, snow, dirt, mud, etc. 

2) The durable silicone material makes this reusable shoe cover eco-friendly. You just have to rinse off the dirt to make it look brand-new! The super soft yet thick silicone rubber material makes it seamless and offers perfect waterproof function.

3) Its anti-slip sole makes it slip-proof and the ultra-elastic material makes it fold-able and space-saving.

4) This shoe cover makes a good option when you go hiking, camping in the snow & icy streets. It is basically designed for traveling, biking, motorcycling, fishing, gardening, farming, and the list goes on.

5) It is simple, elegant and easy to put on and off with its excellent elasticity. You are bound to always enjoy comfortable walking when it is protecting your shoes.

3 easy steps to wear it over your shoes:

  1. Open The shoe barrel.
  2. Put your toe inside it.
  3. Pull it towards your heal.

Fashionable Waterproof shoe cover Features

  • 100% leak-proof and thus rainproof, waterproof, skid-proof, anti-mud and puddle.
  • Its high elasticity makes it easy to put on.
  • Prevents dirt stains on your shoes. Can be cleaned with a splash of water.
  • Portable as it is soft, lightweight and fold-able.
  • Its flexibility allows you to store it in your wallet too.
  • Elastic silicone gives a comfortable grip and does not easily fall off on ice or other wet surfaces.
  • Suitable for travel, mountaineering hiking, and camping on rainy days with your favorite shoes.
  • The anti-slip sole at the bottom of the shoe cover prevents falling, slipping, and injuries.
  • Manufactured with 100% premium non-toxic silicone rubber.
  • Designed for long term comfortable use.
  • Keeps shoe clean effortlessly.
  • Stylish yet has generous integrated space.
  • Good quality without smell.
  • Suitable for men and women.


  • Material: Silica Gel
  • Gross Weight: 0.4 kg
  • Size: Free Size

Box Content

1x A Pair of Trendy  Waterproof shoe cover

Note:We are selling only in-trend colors of the shoe cover. The color you get depends on the availability of the product.