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DIY Car Dent Fixer™


DIY Car Dent Fixer Saves your Money and fixes your car dents easily. We call it DIY for nothing


  1. Durable and Impact Resistant: 
    Made with durable handles and impact-resistant housing to withstand work site abuse. Best for home, shop, garage, or workplace.
  2.  Easy-to-use: 
    The handy suction cup lifter features a single stroke pump action for convenience. Anyone can be able to remove dents after taking a little time to learn the dent repair process.
  3. Powerful Suction Cup Lock Function:
    When the suction cup is locked in place, it can lift up to 10 kg of weight. 
  4. Wide Application: 
    Great dent puller as well as the ideal tool for moving flat objects in any home garage or professional body shop!

  5. Effortless Dent Repair: 
    Designed to pull out the metal of the vehicle's body using a combination of suction and force.

Even if you don't have any dent on your car, Get your piece now and keep it to face sudden dent
You deserve to show your car in the best and most beautiful case all the time to all people. 😍

Don't forget the appearance of your car reflects your personality.

At different times and different events, we should always be in the best looking.

Why Do We Recommend This?

Simple. Because it works BIG TIME - On any car, any vehicle, serious or minor dents! Unlike normal dent remover that will make you sweat and pant BEFORE getting the dent removed, this remover is so handy to use that even a child or lady can recover the dent without much energy.

This tool is not only to repair cars, but it's also can be used to repair metal surfaces for doors and home decoration.

Don't wait for a mishap to happen, Buy it in advance (Just in Case) 

Material: ABS Plastic + Natural Rubber Bottom

Diameter: 5.8CM

Weight: 36G