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Einstein Genie+ USB Electric Juicer



Einstein Genie + USB Electric Juicer COMBO

This Einstein Genie will brew your coffee and make your tea instantly in the mug itself. With this incredible coffee making mug, we bring you the best value offer. Now, you can have a combo of Einstein Genie and USB Electric Juicer.

Making coffee and juice or smoothies are going to be extremely easy.

Einstein Genie

It comes with a snap-lock lidIt is the best product for lazy fellows and also, for those who live alone and do not have a maid to wash dishes. This mug works like the one man army that will not require any pan or spoon or any other utensil to make a cup of coffee. It’s all done by Einstein Genie itself.

It has a stainless steel finish and is a great travel product. It can contain coffee or tea for one person.

USB Electric Juicer

This USB Electric Juicer Grinder is here to provide you with fresh smoothies and juices anywhere and anytime. Now, no need to carry your smoothies and juices for a long time, as you may know, these beverages should be consumed fresh.

But we understand you can’t carry your juicer everywhere -- well, that will look extremely funny! As our country is moving towards a Healthy and Better India, this electric juicer is the perfect purchase for you.

Just drop your fruits and yogurt in the juice maker, and press the POWER button. No need to deal with cords and plug socket to make it work every time. However, your Portable Electric Juicer will need its own juicing up aka charging and this can easily be done by power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phones or other USB devices.