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Harry Potter's Lazy Glasses

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Harry Potter's Lazy Glasses

Cannot watch TV or read books while lying down comfortably? Then our Harry Potter's Lazy Glasses are made just for you! You can read books, watch TV while conveniently lying down on your back without any pillows or cushions!

The Prism Spectacles is good for your mental and physical health too as it cuts down any fatigue of the cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra, shoulder and head during lengthy sittings. It is designed to let you stretch out and enjoy your favorite activity at the comforts of your bed!

This Lazy reader glasses mainly adopts light refraction principle to let you lie down flat on your bed and watch TV, read a book, browse through your mobile, or play games clearly without lifting your neck!

Thanks to this ground-breaking creation, you will no longer suffer from cramps, neck pain, or eye strain while watching your favorite TV series or movie.

These High-definition Horizontal Periscope glasses are made of acrylic lens material and acetate frames. What's more, it is perfect for your entire family!

Harry Potter's Lazy Glasses Features

  • It is mainly composed of the frame and the refractors.
  • Lets you enjoy reading a book without much eye fatigue and physical strain.
  • Lets you watch TV in a horizontal posture comfortably.
  • Can change your line-of-sight to 90 degrees without any distortion.
  • It eliminates the necessity of head movement.
  • It diminishes neck and back strain.
  • Can be worn like regular glasses.
  • Suitable for anyone who wears glasses or doesn’t wear one.
  • It has a built-in mirror for the optimal direction.
  • It is typically made of high optical standards. And can be worn over your spectacles.

Harry Potter's Lazy Glasses Specifications

  • Material: acrylic lens and acetate frames.
  • Frame Shape: Rectangular
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Color: Frosted Black

Harry Potter's Lazy Glasses Box Contents

1* Horizontal Glasses

1* Cleaning Cloths

1* Soft bag