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Dr Tooth Cleaner



Dr. Tooth Cleaner

Worried about your teeth remains or food residue in between your teeth or below the gumline? Then our Dr. Tooth Cleaner is just made for you. It is portable to carry and lets you deep clean where regular flossing simply can't reach!

This cordless water jet flosser doesn’t need any battery and can be used anytime and anywhere! It keeps your teeth sparkling clean and comes in a pocket-size to carry along when you travel.

When you push the button, the air forces the water to blast away the food remains gently and effectively. It is powered by air and lets you practice good oral hygiene at home easily.

Dr. Tooth Cleaner Features

  • It uses air pressure technology to generate strong water stream flossing and supports your oral health.
  • Smoothly removes plaque-causing debris and cleans those hard-to-reach surfaces within minutes!
  • Cordlessly blasts away food debris between your teeth.
  • Get the healthy dental results that you deserve without any fuss.
  • Ideal for braces, crowns, and sensitive gums.
  • NO batteries required!

Dr Tooth Cleaner Specifications

  • Item size: 21 * 3 * 3 cm
  • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.2 x 8.3 inches 
  • Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces

How to use Dr. Tooth Cleaner Flosser?

  1. Twist the tube bottom in counterclockwise and remove the bottom tube.
  2. You can add a little mouthwash into the jet for cleaner teeth.
  3. Fill the water into the tube and ensure the silicon circle is connected well.
  4. Open your mouth and keep the nozzle of the water-jet flosser at 45°along with the teeth or gums.
  5. Press the button to activate water jet and clean food remains in your mouth.

Note: Press the button for at least 60 seconds until it starts to bubble. Read the instruction manual carefully before using this product.

Dr. Tooth Cleaner Box Contents

1 * Dental Water Jet Flosser

1 * User Manual