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Spongebob Skin Smoother

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Spongebob Skin Smoother

Do you feel helpless about the rough and callused skin on your feet, hands, elbows, and knees? You don’t have to deal with them anymore as we introduce you to the new Spongebob Skin Smoother, the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to smoothen the rough and callused skin!

This Callus Remover has a micro-abrasive smoothing screen which is flexible in the center and conforms to curved areas to quickly and uniformly smoothen even the roughest callused skin.

The edge of the smoothing screen remains hard to tackle the stubborn calluses and reach the smaller areas around your fingers and toes.

It is made of waterproof, flexible silicon carbide mesh and gives you the power to easily remove just the right amount of callused, rough skin without accidentally going too deep into the fresh skin underneath!

Your feet and skin deserve the luxury to be soft, smooth and beautiful. So, get ready to notice the changes after the very first treatment!

The smoothing screen is designed in such a way that it allows fine particles of exfoliated skin to easily pass through the mesh without cloggingit.

Lightweight, ergonomic, compact design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to travel with.

It has two coarse smoothing screens to eliminate tough calluses on your feet and heels; one fine smoothing screen for tender and gentle smoothing of calluses on hands, knees, and elbows.

Spongebob Skin Smoother Features

  • The Micro-Abrasive Smoothing Screen quickly and gently smoothens callused skin and rough feet.
  • It can easily conform to curved areas for safe callus removal and smoothing.
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and simple to use.
  • Leaves your feet and skin smooth, soft, and beautiful in one treatment.
  • It basically has 3 smoothing screens. Two for eliminating tough calluses and one for gentle smoothing.
  • Very easy to clean the skin smoother.

Spongebob Skin Smoother Specifications

  • Ideal for: Men and Women
  • Used for: Feet, Elbows, Hands, Knees, and any Rough Skin

Spongebob Skin Smoother Box Content

1* Skin Smoother