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Sparkle™ Automatic Toilet Magic



How would you like to clean your toilet without scrubbing? Introducing the easiest and the fastest way to clean your toilets! Our Sparkle Automatic Toilet Magic reveals how a toilet can self-clean itself for you!

It easily cleans your toilets without even the need for you to scrub it. All you need to do is just pour in the Sparkle Automatic Toilet Magic to get a clean tank or toilet bowl.

This automatic cleaner works on the principle of foam and flush. It can release millions of powerful bubbles that has a fast-acting formula to remove even the toughest stains and bacteria from your toilet.

Made with real fruit acids and washing sodas, it removes stains, odor, and hard water mineral deposits.

It is chlorine-free and is safe as it contains no harsh chemicals. Its only aim is to make your toilet shine bright and clean!

What are you waiting for? Clean your toilet scrub-free overnight and spare yourself from costly plumber fees! Also, buy now to get 3 packets of Sparkle Automatic Toilet Magic.

Sparkle Automatic Toilet Magic Features

  • Its anti-bacterial properties eliminate tough stains, bacteria, rust, and hard water mineral deposits.
  • It is chlorine-free and septic safe.
  • Gets your toilet fresh and clean.
  • Easy to use and is chlorine and odor free.
  • Instant foaming action gets the surface clean.
  • It improves the water pressure as it clears the water jets and improves the flush system for a better flow of water.

How to use?

  • Pour on the surface to be cleaned.
  • Let it foam and sit for 6 hours overnight.
  • Flush and clean the next day.

No complicated procedures as such!

Box Content

1x Sparkle Automatic Toilet Magic (3 packets)
Weight: 210 gms per packet