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Kitchen Essentials

June 07, 2019 3 min read

I am a firm believer in not having a kitchen full of gadgets to cook great food. I really don’t like clutter and unnecessary things!

If you are like me, then you are in safe hands. I have listed some really cool kitchen gadgets that can replace the same old boring stuff in your kitchen and bring in some fresh feel as you cook.

So go ahead and check out different ways to save your time, money and make cooking more enjoyable.

The Can’t-Live-Withouts

Automatic Soap Dispenser

I am sure we all agree with the proverb- “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Cleanliness is achieved by keeping the kitchen utensils, tools, and surface clean. But most importantly by keeping your hands clean! Hence an Automatic Soap Dispenser can help you avoid any contact with the soap container.

It uses motion-sensing technology to give out soap. It really works like magic as you simply need to wave your hand under it. This definitely stops the transfer of bacteria from the soap bars to your hands.

Buy Automatic Soap Dispenser Here.

Dishwasher gloves

Ever wondered how mess-free it would be if you had a dish scrubber attached to the dishwasher gloves? Yes, imagine a dishwasher glove that is designed to mimic your dishwashing styles! Well, I know a perfect glove that combines the three most common household cleaning tools into one glove to ease your cleaning process!

It features a textured palm-shaped sponge with a scrubber that makes it easier to clean your dishes. The long cuffs protect your wrists and arms from any dirt or harmful chemicals. Get ready to get a mess-free sink in no time.

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So, I came across this colander that is flexible enough to start off flat and then open up into a hanging-style basket that can fit perfectly into your saucepans. The idea was just so awesome! You can boil pasta or deep fry chips, and then just lift it up to drain. The interesting factor is that the handles never get hot, so cooking is safer, as well as easier.

Apart from using it to fry potatoes, chicken and other fried foods, you can also use it to store fruits and snacks -- just like a simple fruit basket. With this basket around, you never have to fear about the oil spilling out of your saucepan while deep frying food or boiling your noodles.

Buy All-in-one-Basket Here.

A Scissor Knife

How would you like the idea of food chopper and cutting board in one knife? Isn’t it as cool as cutting, slicing and dicing right into your cooking vessel?! Its ergonomic power pressure handle with a spring supports the faster cutting of fruits, vegetables, meat, bread and more!

It lessens the strain on your wrist and is perfect for preparing soups, salads, and fruit plates. The premium blade is made of stainless steel material and is safe to cut through your food.

Buy Scissor Knife Here.

The Not-Absolutely-Necessary, But Really Cool Stuff…

Coffee Mug

Morning coffee and tea are the weakness of every Indian, isn’t it? How about I introduce you to a coffee mug that allows you to make your coffee or tea instantly in the mug itself. This will not require any pan or spoon or any other utensil to make a cup of coffee as it can stir the liquid with just a push of a button.

It is battery-operated and comes with a snap-lock lid. It has a stainless steel finish and is a great travel product. You can easily carry coffee or tea for one person.

Buy Coffee Mug Here.

Instant Ice Cube Maker

This mini fridge cools your drink instantly without diluting it! All you have to do is fill only the outer chamber with water and let it freeze in the refrigerator.

It is perfectly round in shape and has a much smaller surface area than any other traditional ice cube maker. It saves so much space in your fridge and keeps the cubes fresh and odor free.

Buy Mini Fridge Here.


Some of you might wonder “Why to spend more when you already have it.” I agree I was like you too. However, you not only save your time but in most cases, save your money as well if you take advantage of a few tools.

An ideal kitchen requires you to replace your old tools with the new ones mostly to increase the efficiency of your kitchen. If you have all day to cook, then good for you! 

Just like how any company requires smart employees to achieve success, your kitchen needs smart tools to get things done asap too. Especially in those mornings when you are running late!

So what did you choose to make your cooking time a breeze?