5 simple changes that can Improve your family’s healthy Life

You can Improve your family’s healthy Life

some changes in daily routine you  can Improve your family’s healthy Life

healthy Life
healthy Life

According to the World Health Organization, “Healthy eating is important for good health and nutrition”. Simply put, we are what we eat. And the food we eat not only feeds our bodies but also our mind. Therefore, it is important that we eat and make our families eat healthy food for everyone.
While social media is full of people who distribute delicious food, we must not forget the basics. Remembering what you eat can play a big role in keeping diseases at bay, boosting the immune system, promoting growth in children, fighting disease and keeping us well nourished. The good news is that we all fully understand the importance of healthy eating after COVID-19.
But here is a complete list of simple steps you can take to keep your family’s health in good condition.

Choose your oils wisely


Choose your oils wisely By Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist

  • Reduce the intake of refined vegetable oils rich in omega 6 fatty acids and include sources of omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids are needed in equal amounts from our bodies. But a diet high in refined fats disrupts the level at which these fatty acids are needed and has a negative effect on the body. To strike a balance, cut down on foods rich in omega 6 fatty acids such as sunflower, soy, corn oil. You may prefer to have plenty of ghee, olive oil and mustard oil for daily cooking. healthy Life

    Limit carbohydrate intake

  • Carbohydrates are part of almost every food we eat, except fats, oils, and butter. Rice, whole wheat, bread, vegetables, fruits – carbohydrates are present in almost everything we eat in various quantities. When chosen wisely, it combines the benefits of intestinal fiber.
  • Eliminate the consumption of simple carbohydrates used such as breads, noodles, biscuits and pasta. Add foxtail grains to your diet such as ragi, bajra and wheat flour.
  • Increase the size of half of the pulses and nuts and reduce the intake of grain to a more nutritious diet.

Eggs, fish and milk

  • Animal foods such as milk, cream, egg, cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt, meat, poultry and fish provide you with a variety of micronutrients that are hard to find in sufficient quantities in vegetable sources only. healthy Life.
  • Vegetable growers are often deficient in vitamin B12, which makes the use of dairy products very important.

Reduce sugar

  • While we see sweets, chocolate and soft drinks such as sweet sugar, brown sugar, jaggery, honey and high fructose corn syrup are also a variety of sugars, which are often overlooked. This has a high number of calories that have the same effect on blood sugar levels as raw sugar.


  • Different types of seeds are rich in fats, proteins, fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B-6 among other vitamins and minerals. You can add flax seeds, chia seeds to get a healthy dose of omega 3.
  • As you reduce your carbohydrate intake, include seeds such as flax seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds and nuts such as nuts, walnuts, almonds in your diet to make up for lost nutrients.
  • You can soak chia seeds in water and drink them, sprinkle some of them on your salad or enjoy them as roasted food.

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